Monday, July 18, 2016


More on Self Esteem!

I hate to approach anything from a negative point of view. But sometimes it's necessary to speak discuss the negative in order to understand the positive.

The simple fact is...there are things that parents sometimes do that lower their child's self esteem.

The following are Self-Esteem Killers:

  1. Compare one child to another, especially with siblings.
  2. Have super high standards, reward only high level of progress.
  3. Yell - A LOT!
  4. Assume their child really wants, needs, and deserves all the freedom they are asking for.

Additionally they would:

  1. Let the child make lots of choices for themselves, especially when they are really young.
  2. Neglect to follow through. For example: Mom tells Lisa that a certain rule violation will result in a consequence. Lisa commits violation. Mom caves in and doesn't enforce consequence.
  3. Set standars for the kids that Mom and Dad don't hold themselves to.
  4. When you catch your children aspiring, caution them not to set their sights too high.
  5. Be frugal in spending time with your kids.

And Finally...

  1. Assume they will follow your words rather than your example.
Of course our job is to turn each of these awful statements into its opposite. Building your child's self worth requires consistent effort. Be diligent!

If you have any questions regarding Self Esteem give me a call, I'd be happy to help!

Your friend,

Ivan Kravitz
(949) 363-6500

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