Friday, July 15, 2016

The Habit Of Commitment

The Habit of Commitment

Champions have something called a Non-Quitting Spirit.
Also referred to as the Habit of Commitment.
Champions commit to the completion of worthy goals.
Anytime you set your sights on a worthwhile goal, such as becoming and healthy and fit Black Belt Champion, or the various degrees that follow, it is also important to stay the course. Stick to it until you do it!

There are valuable life lessons learned when you overcome obstacles… versus giving up or quitting whenever you encounter setbacks or obstacles.
All Champions encounter obstacles, challenges and setbacks.

The best get better by overcoming anything that stands between them and the successful achievement of their goal. Every time you learn to overcome an obstacle or a setback, or you solve a problem, you become stronger in the habit of commitment.

Habits we Train…are Habits we Gain.

If you’re going to develop life long habits, it’s in your best interest to develop Habits of Excellence that will best serve you and those you care about.

The opposite of this would be the habit of quitting or giving up. Many people are great at starting something, but only an achiever sees things through to completion. Unfortunately, far too many people stop as quickly as they start. So, they develop the habit of start/stop/start/stop.

This is called the Habit of Mediocrity or playing the blame game.

These are the people that never follow through to completion, and seem to always find an excuse or way to blame someone else for their failures in life.

As part of our Habits of Excellence series, we encourage you to develop the habit of commitment and think about how you can commit to completion of the worthy goals you’ve set for yourself.

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